Accelerate the display of the list in CNF

I would like to ask if it would also be possible to optimize the display speed of the lists of structured variables in the CNF in the detailed view.
Respectively, would it be possible to provide information on which item in the list it takes so long to read? In a simple view, it is read almost immediately. Sometimes I wait a minute or more to read the details. Well thank you.

In the case of a simple list, only basic information (same for each object type) goes from kernel to cnf for each object + value.

In the case of a complete list, the complete configuration of each object goes from kernel to cnf, and cnf displays only what is in the list (visible columns).

Implementing a restriction for kernel to sending only the data that is displayed to cnf is essentially impossible (too time consuming).

A better way is probably to optimize cnf activity after receiving data. Therefore, I suggest that if you send me syscfg.db where this problem occurs, I predict that I can find the optimization relatively easily.