Change the language for the user from the code

In the HI settings of the user, is possible to change the language, and this change will take effect immediately - is possible to make this change by some function in the code, possibly would be possible to do it such a function?

The newly implemented function %HI_LNG_SetCurrLngIdx requires patching of these files:
kernel.exe, event.exe, event.dll, cnf.exe, gr.exe, hi.exe, config_.dll, gr_.dll, hi_*.dll
All files with a date of 2019-11-19 and above support the%HI_LNG_SetCurrLngIdx function.
The problem caused by patchom hi.exe (date stamp 2019-11-19) has been repaired in a hi.exe patch with date 2019-11-20. This patch supports the %HI_LNG_SetCurrLngIdx function.