Copying objects with the possibility of editing them

Good day.

I would like to ask if it would be possible to copy objects (mainly components) with the possibility of editing them. I noticed that copying an object to a text editor has an XML structure.

I would like to ask whether in such a case it would be possible to modify the attached objects by editing the text and then insert the modified document - or the possibility to insert the contents of the component parameter structure from the clipboard. This would be helpful in the case where I copy a component several times in which I need to adjust several dozen parameters. It’s taking me a long time right now.

Well thank you.

The parameters of graphic objects insert in the clipboard can be changed, for example, by selecting to notepad, changing and returning to the clipboard. Then it is possible the result to insert into the scheme. The change must not destroy the data structure.

Good day. I want to ask if this applies to all objects. I tried it somewhere and after editing the xml in the notepad it didn’t put anything into me. If I want to change the object, I need to delete the uid, or what are the conditions?

Good day.

This should apply to all objects. Set in the parameters of the graphic editor - graphic objects, references Name. Then you may not be interested in UUIDs. If there is a problem, send 2 files: the original from the clipboard and the modified result, so we can try it.