Create portable CNF column display profiles from one application to another

Good day.

Sometimes I need to configure the same columns in different applications. Then I have to click on items for individual types of objects in CNF.

Would it be possible to somehow export these properties to a file and import them into another CNF? I’ve noticed that it’s all in the registers, so maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult.


This feature is not currently available and there is no plan to implement it.

We are implementing this missing feature as part of the change to UI technology to HTML5 in future releases.

Settings transfer is possible only by the regedit. The column visibility, order, and width settings are here:


head32_appl - application name
DD2000D2000_HEADD2000_EXE - InstallDir D2000 version without characters

‘:’ a ‘’ d:\D2000\D2000_HEAD\D2000_EXE