D2000 clients update


Hello, I would like to ask, how you distribute D2000 on clients and patches? each patch needs new D2000 installation?, our company has 150 clients, but some PC (over 50) are not in domain, so install using domain rules is not possible. Is there any possibility update D2000 ? For example before run hi.exe or cnf, gr.exe program check if is everything actual, if not D2000 make actualization if yes, application just open itself ? OR I run other exe for example checkPatches.exe, and D2000 check if is new or not etc … .


You are basically describing a functionality that is offered by our Automatic Network Client Update utilities.

All updates can be hosted on a single server. Utility d2u_service can connect to this server and peform update before the actual D2000 process (e.g. HI) is run.
So when a user clicks on a HI icon, in the background d2u_client is run, it communicates with d2u_service (running as a service on user’s computer); d2u_service checks for new updates, if there are any, they are applied and then d2u_client is notified and HI is run.

The reason for this - perhaps seemingly complicated - architecture is, that a non-privileged Windows user can initiate an update which needs to write to directories that this non-privileged user has read-only access to. As d2u_server has all necessary privileges, the upgrade can be performed.

As for the initial installation of D2000 to your 150 client PC, our specialists can assist you in creating a .msi install package (which will contain basically only d2u_* utilities + code for creation of shortcuts in menu or on the desktops). It will not contain other D2000 binaries (these will be downloaded using described update mechanism when user tries to run HI for the first time).