D2000 HI installation


Is possible to set default parameters in console preferences setting in D2000 HI after first installation in installation package?
Current default setting consists beep on alarms and none display information etc… and many users does not know how and where to change it and then they often ask local administrator, what to do with that.


Hi Michal,
how about this:
you prepare a “template” console and configure all necessary parameters (e.g. disable audio alarms). You can perform the configuration in HI or in Cnf (go to Users and locate your console, it will be named you_computer_name.HIP.LOG. It can be opened for editing and on the last tab Settings you can modify the settings).
Then you can use Cnf to create new console processes based on your template. Again, go to Users, locate your console, select it and click “New object” icon in toolbar. Check “Use sample” setting (next to it, name of you console should be present as long as you previously selected it). This way you can create new consoles (e.g. xxx.HIP.LOG for computer xxx) with identical settings. You may want to change “Full name” property on the first tab.
This way you can pre-create and pre-configure console processes before you users start logging in; you just have to know their computer names (or - as an alternative - you can use /W switch to override the names of console processes).