D2000 infoday 2017

On November 9, 2017, an all-day workshop was held at Ipesoft's premises.

Events with the title "D2000 Info Day" were attended by customers and partners interested in news in D2000 real time technology. Those who reserved their time for technically tuned papers and presentations, despite the advanced calendar date, learned about the upcoming news from the co-authors responsible for developing the D2000.

Of all the themes, I will mention IoT (Internet of Things), the possibilities of which are in the beginning with the expectations of Smart Grid. From the perspective of the organizer, it is an interesting and enjoyable record for us, the highest in the last 17 years. This fact is binding for us to our customers and in the future it will be the motivation for its repetition. The feedback received and the discussions that took place during the workshop show both the growing awareness and technical knowledge of the participants, as well as the increasing interest in the newest possibilities of connecting individual IT solutions to more complex entities.

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