D2000 on non-equivalent redundant networks?


Hello, I have a situation where there are 2 networks between a server room and users. One is a 1Gbit network, the other is a backup network which is ancient and about 10 MBit. Can it be still used as a “backup” with lower priority?


Hi Stoldo,
D2000 supports communication on 2 redundant network segments. In this configuration, two TCP connections are established between D2000 client (e.g. HI - human interface) and D2000 Server.
If one of network segments fails, the unconfirmed data is resent via second connection.
As you can see from our documentation https://doc.ipesoft.com/display/D2DOCEN/Redundancy+of+Communication+Routes, one of the networks can be configured to be preferred (either by specifying the mask of preferred network PreferredNetAddr or by specifying the serial number of the network adapter, that is to be preferred - PreferredNetNr ).

As this parameter is configured on client’s side, it can be different for each client.