D2000 & Siemens S7

Is it possible to use s7-1200 with D2000? I want to connect to the plc with using Tag addresses. How does it works?

We support “Siemens SIMATIC S7 ISO on TCP” protocol, but we implement only “block” addressing, e.g. DB1,REAL12 or DB10,W35.
Symbolic addressing is not supported (the reason - noone knows the definition of the protocol; there is one reverse-engineered implementation of communication libraries but it’s quite costy and requires paying maintenance fees - see https://www.deltalogic.de/products/software/accon-aglink ).
So you have to disable “Optimized block access” on your Simatic to be able to communicate with it. Or you may want to buy Siemens OPC server and communicate via OPC. Or -alternatively - you may want to license “OPC UA server” feature on new S7-1200/1500. We have customers who use this non-proprietary protocol with S7.