DC motor Raspberry


I bought DC motor and I would like to start them with D2000, is there some way how to do it on the Demo project?

Hello Ragul,

yes, it is easy and I will write short instructions.

First, create a new I/O tag which will determine the DC motor direction of rotation. You can use I/O tag 26 from the demo project and make a new one for the second direction. You can use I/O tag 26 as a sample. After that, you have to set up button logic. Only one pin can have logic 1 otherwise the motor will not working. So if one button is pushed down set to one pin logic 1 and when is button release set to other pin logic 0 and make the second button with the same logic. When is your motor connected to the driving module open your new picture in HI application and everything should work.

I hope you can make it and If you will have other questions just ask.