Dispatch control system upgrade - SCADA

A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I returned from a several-day event. We upgraded the SCADA system for dispatching for our customer. It was a SCADA control system, which was originally built on redundant Alpha DS25 servers with the OpenVMS operating system (version 7.3.1) and on the IPESOFT D2000 OpenVMS version 7.1 technology. Configuration, logging, and archive data were stored in an Oracle version 9.2 database. The dispatching was built as a redundant 24 x 7 with High Availability / Disaster Recovery features: 2 application and 2 archive servers at the main site, 1 application, and 1 archive server at a several kilometers distant backup site. Network segments were also doubled. Communication with the technology took place both via serial lines and via a WAN network. Some communicated technological equipment and local control systems were as far as 200 km away.

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