Display values on the graph axis in integers + autorefresh


  1. I have a graph in the application that shows simple values ​​from the archive filled by script (in the archive it is all REAL if I understand correctly, but I only store INTEGER values ​​there and then display them in the graph). The problem is that I would like the Y axis to display the range only in integers, this happens when there is some value in the archive greater than 1, until there is nothing, or max 1, the axis shows divisions with 0, 0.1, 0.2 etc. The question is, how to make the axis to display only INTEGER numbers, or only units in the style 1,2,3,4 etc. without decimal points.

  2. The second question is how to force the graph to refresh after adding a new value to the archive. Usually, it’s enough to enable “Live data” option in the configuration of the graph. However, when a new value is added by a script, the graph must be manually refreshed to display it.

Good day.

  1. Currently, it is not possible for an axis to display only integers. Analog Integer type only provides minimum axis range = 1. Prevents greater zoom when using magnifying glass.

  2. If the value entered by the archive is automatically, then it is needed on the archive
    object to enable publication of value.
    If the value is given by the ESL script, the only option is to use the function
    % HI_GraphLineRefresh