Displaying schemes in both thick client (HI) and web browser


I want do display a SCADA schemes for most of clients in a thick client (hi.exe) on windows, but some would need a simple scheme to be displayed in web browser (on a phone or tablet). How can I do it? Can I draw the scheme or do I have to be able to program it in Java or other technology? I’m an old-timer and I don’t know Java :frowning:


for those who want to use their SCADA schemes created in Graphic Editor and used in HI, we have a good news. They can be displayed in a web browser, using our Thin Cient technology.
A demo of PMToolkit application is available online (feel free to click on individual buttons “PMToolkit”, “Vyroba” and “Suroviny” to see individual screens. The demo is in Slovak language only, but it should give you the idea…