Does %WeekStartTime have corrected equivalent?


Function %WeekNr and %WeekStartTime return incorrect results for 1st of january when falls on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
%WeekNr has been corrected by %WeekOfYear.
Is there such corrected equivalent for %WeekStartTime ?


%WeekNr and %WeekOfYear do the same, but they use a different definition of “start of year”.
%WeekOfYear uses an official definition which says “1st week of year contains at least 4 days of the respective week”. So when January 1st is Friday,Saturday or Sunday, this is not 1st week but 53rd week of the last year. When January 1st is Monday to Thursday, this is the 1st week.

%WeekStartTime returns start of week that is obtained by calling %WeekNr.
An equivalent function for %WeekOfYear has not been implemented (yet). However, it can be easily emulated in ESL script:

 PROCEDURE MyStartTime(IN INT _year, IN INT _week, TIME _startTime)
  INT _i
  TIME _t
  _t := %StrToTime('00:00:00 01-01-' + %IToStr(_year))
  _t := _t + (_week-1) * 86400 * 7 - 86400 * 3
  FOR _i = 1 TO 7 DO_LOOP
    IF %WeekOfYear(_t) = _week THEN
      _startTime := _t
    _t := _t + 86400
  _startTime := %SetInvalid(_startTime)
END MyStartTime

and it can be tested:

  TIME _t
  CALL MyStartTime(2019, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2018, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2017, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2016, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2015, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2014, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2013, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2012, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2011, 1, _t)
  CALL MyStartTime(2010, 1, _t)