For Forum: D2ExtFunc async interface

Good day,

I just looked at the D2ExtFunc library and its documentation. These are asynchronous interfaces and callbacks (good job by the way, one of the best features of the D2000 for at least the last 3 major releases, I hope it will continue to develop).

Currently, we have a fully implemented synchronous interface (based on information from Boris, which we received in January 2018) for .NET C # and we want to implement mainly asynchronous interfaces. Well, I have found everything I need except a declaration.


We have a declaration of the synchronous ADA_CALL_ROUTER, but I haven’t found it anywhere.

Could I ask for these declarations? Well thank you.

The asynchronous interface with ADA_CALL_ROUTER_REQUEST has been implemented since V10 release 37. However, since the interface contained a system error and was used only internally, support for ADA_CALL_ROUTER_REQUEST was removed for V11 release 57 and V12 release 61 by the August 26, 2019 patch and replaced by ADA_CALL_ROUTER_RE. You can find the ADA_CALL_ROUTER_REQUEST2 declaration, callback functions and their use in the d2callrouter.cpp source.