Industry 4.0 solutions


Is your product ready for Industry 4.0? I am developer looking for one complex compact product with ability build solutions with Industry 4.0 principles.


Try to specify your question please.


For example HW vendor ( like Siemens for example) independent Interconnection. I mean the ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other. Specially via the Internet of Things . Sometimes connecting devices from different vendors is a hard issue.


D2000 has a wide range of communication protocols which is permanently being enhanced. You may notice that modern protocols (vendor-independent) such as OPC, OPC UA, BACnet, DNP3, IEC104 are among them. So are two protocols used in IoT for low-power devices - Sigfox and LoRaWAN (actually they are “combined” as two variants inside a single protocol IoT over LoRaWAN/Sigfox. We also support MQTT protocol used in IoT a lot.

In case someone needs to use a protocol that we don’t have yet, it is possible. They can either use some 3rd party converter from proprietary protocol to a protocol we support (OPC or OPC UA is mostly the case) or - if they know the specification of this proprietary protocol - they can implement it and integrate into D2000 as OEM protocol using D2000 KOM API.


I appreciate your answer. With Key features, D 2000 seems like product what I am looking for. Last question. I see, that D2000 is able to install on Raspberry Pie. Second Industry 4.0 principle is, that every device (Raspberry Pie for example) have to make own decisions, not only receive orders from „ central brain“. For this purpose SW needs solid mathematical and logic features. Is that possible with D 2000, installed on Raspberry Pie?


As for it functionality, D2000 on Raspberry PI has the same set of features as D2000 on x64 Linux. The diffference is only in performance (less RAM available, less CPU power). Otherwise, all features are available. So you can use Raspberry PI to build a full-fledged SCADA, using all mathematical functions in CALC and ARCHIV processes, scripting in our ESL language or Java, or using your own external function (all mathematical functions plus extended functions are available) in dynamic libraries (.so).

Actually, you can use D2000 on Raspberry PI even to build a standalone control system (e.g. embedded in a machine), which will work without any connection to a superior system (“central brain” as you called it).