Ipesoft D2000 SmartWeb – realtime applications are finally available online!


Is it difficult to create a web application with real-time data?

"D2000 SmartWeb connects the world of real-time applications built on the Ipesoft D2000 application server to the world of web technologies." This is a brief feature of our latest module that has been added to the D2000 portfolio in early 2017 and which I recently had the opportunity to try out myself. I needed to create a nice presentation layer for a small demo application (https://demo.ipesoft.com/iot), illustrating the real capabilities of integrating the D2000 application server with the Low Power WAN IoT ecosystem based on LoRaWAN. For me, as a contributor to the previous generation of product, the D2000 SmartWeb was a challenge I was looking forward to, and in the following few lines I would like to summarize my experiences, feelings and impressions.

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