MODBUS text translation


How I can change the translation of modbus protocols? There is an modifier an, by which it is possible to read texts. However, every two signs come draped from the Climatix control system. Text -> eTtx. We tried An, but it doesn’t work like that. Similar can be done for floats - F / f.

Tested on the latest V12.



The required functionality hasn´t implemented yet. Modbus client supports only mods:

“1 register = 1 sign” (big endian)

“1 register = 2 signs” (sequential order)

With alternative:

“1 register = 2 signs” (change the order within the register, ie first goes the second sign and then the first sign) we have not met yet … if it would be necessary implement it (eg with the proposed syntax “An” )


Actually, the required functionality is implemented (syntax is An) and documented.

However, since it was only recently implemented (May 28, 2019), you probably don’t have the current patch of the KOM process.

Description of D2D-4994 functionality:
In the Modbus Client protocol, addressing of “big-endian” strings was supported, i.e. strings having 1 byte per character and sent in a “big-endian” order, i. characters of “123456” are sent in the order of “213465”. Addressing is supported by An syntax, e.g. A10 is a 10-register string, i.e. 20 characters.
Until now, the addressing of “little-endian” strings (syntax an) and the addressing of strings that have 2 bytes per character and are in “bit-endian” order have been supported.