Question about robustness of D2000


Is D2000 more robust and resistant to attacks than other SCADA systems due to the fact, that it is written in Ada language? Or does the choice of programming language not influence things like stability and robustness?


Hello Pavol,
we believe (based on our experience from over 25 years) that it is.
Due to Ada language and its runtime checks, many errors are revealed as soon as they occur. If, for example, a program tries to access array outside its bounds, an exception is immediately thrown (it can be handled or a program crashes, reporting the exact location and stack trace). Which is a far better situation than damaging some other variables in neighboring memory and then crashing in completely unrelated part of code (which is what a C-based program would do).
Also, due to Ada’s strong typing, many programmer’s errors are already detected by a compiler.

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