SLAs and reaction speed of D2000 developers


How fast can your developers react to a customer or OEM partner reporting an error in D2000? Is it in order of weeks or days?


We in Ipesoft are proud to provide exceptional services to our OEM partners and direct customers. The exact Response Time and Repair Time depend on specific SLAs. Of course, the shorter the times are, the more expensive the SLAs are. Generaly, the times are in range from several hours and several working days.

I can give an example when SLAs require 8-hour repair time, which we are able to guarantee.

And another example from the last week - the partner reported an error in D2000 Archiv (there was a rare issue with reading from long-term archive databases called depository databases) for which the OEM partner received a working patch within 3 hours (of course, there is a difference between guaranteed repair time specified in a contract and the best-case scenario I’m giving as an example here).

I believe these exceptionally short times are due to these facts:

  • Ipesoft D2000 is developed and maintained by a team of highly skilled and devoted developers
  • Ipesoft D2000 is written in Ada language, so that maintanance, error-detection and bug-hunting is faster and easier than in languages like “C” (in fact, many errors are detected already during compilation!)