Starting with D2000 - I want to create my first application


I am beginner with D2000 system. I downloaded D2000 V12 for Windows from, I installed it, but now I don’t know, what I have to do for my first application. I would like create some visualization, without communication, only small application for beginners, … something as “Hello World!” But… I don’t know what I have to start as first. D2000 is installed and EXE files are in D2000_EXE folder. But there is many programs as Archiv.exe, Event.exe, Kernel.exe, HI.exe, GR.exe, CNF.exe, D2SMC.exe … but I don’t know what I have to use for this application. When I checked windows services after installation D2000, service D2000 Kernel is running, but I don’t know if I necessary it for my small visualization. Has anybody experience with this SW? Can you explain me, what is the best way for creating of first small application?