Summer Release of D2000 is online!

Enjoy the latest D2000 V12.0.61.u4 version with fixed bugs and brand new features. What is going on now? Chill and enjoy your work with better D2000!

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Hello I would like to ask, latest D2000 V12.0.61.u4 is just for Windows ? Why not for Linux ? I there any differences and other reasons, when Windows version and Linux are different ? I have using application server on Linux but some remote processes using from windows - cos 3rd software -particularly kom.exe, our Oracle DB - archiv.exe and gateway etc. Will be compatible version D2000 u4 windows and D2000 u3 or u2, u1 - Linux ? thanks

Hi Diro, latest release is available online just for Windows platform. D2000 for Linux is an exclusive version, just on demand. There arenĀ“t any differences between those versions, so when you want to try our demo, you can try it on Windows also. Everything is designed for being compatibile, but better for your use is to update all versions. If you would like to try Linux version please contact us: Thanks!