Tell command on BACKUP SYSCFG doesn´t work for Postgres


Good day,

when I try to backup Syscfg, it prints me postgres Error. Why is Backup only possible via d2smc? How can I back up my database using scripts now?

I have not tried the other DB D2000.


Tested on V11.2 R57.

Tell command for backup syscfg works.


Backup of Syscfg has been implemented in D2000 Server for PostgreSQL database relatively lately. You may need to request a patch for D2000 Server, if your binary is older. Or perhaps error message is related to something specific in your PostgreSQL or D2000 installation; you might want to log a request in our service desk and attach the specific error message.
If you use older versions, you can still perform backups using pg_dump utility; you can run it directly from your script (ESL). Further information about using pg_dump can be found in PostgeSQL manuals.


I have also problem … cos I used Postgresql 64bit database and my D2000 was 32bit - not correctly enviroment set … so I decided use pg utility :
compress: pg_dump.exe --schema=public -Fc -f <filename.syscfg_dmp>

sql plaintext: pg_dump.exe --schema=public -Fp -f <filename.syscfg_sql>

d2smc knows import both formats, knows their by extension of filename