ThinClient DEMO is not possible to start


I have downloaded and installed D2000 V12 with DEMO - DEMO_Basic1, but when I started this application I am not able to run Thin Client version of this DEMO. If I use D2SMC - Application Manager and If I start this DEMO as ThinClient application, I have an error message - “Hmmm…can’t reach this page” … Here is the picture with this error message?

Can anyone help me?



Try to change URL address to “http://localhost:8080/tc/



I used this and it worked. thx.,
but what is the correct user and password I have to use for this DEMO?


It is very simple. Try to use only
user: Demo
without password.



I am new to D2000 and I have the same problem as @rdev
The D2000 application is running but ThinClient is not possible to start.
Do I need to install something extra?
I have only D2000 V12 installed.

Thanks for answer!