Unable to run application after migrating from x86 Sybase to x64 PostgreSQL


We upgrade the customer to D2000 12.0.61 x64.

We are migrating from version D2000 10.0.37 x86.

We did:

  1. On the original application, we made a backup of the SysCfg database via the tell command.

  2. Subsequently, CfgSynchro was done from Sybase to Postgres (SysCfg.db was connected via a 64-bit DSN).

  3. CfgSynchro went well

  4. Running the application on postgression ended with errors:

Error starting D2000 - Skuska64_SysCfg Apply COMPONENT_CATHEGORIES

(42703) ERROR: column “UUID” does not exist;

Error while executing the query ErrorCode = 1

Thank you for your help in resolving.

Good day.

Before synchronizing databases via CfgSynchro, it was first necessary to run an empty application.

After running it, I turned it off again and did CfgSynchro.

Subsequently, the application started with the new SysCfg.