Unify the complete and simple column display mode

Good day.

As column selection initiates re-reading the list of objects - would it be possible to note take only the items (columns) to be displayed in the kernel and to cancel the switch between simple and complete list? (that’s just such a suggestion).

Good day.

The current implementation is such that the kernel sends a small unified part of the object configuration (few visible columns) to the list in the CNF, or the complete configuration.

The kernel has no idea which part of the configuration the user wants to see.

Yes, you are right, 90% of the data volume in this case unnecessary.

Data volume reduction is currently essentially unimplementable in a reasonable of time.

I recommend using the / TPP parameter on clients, which will reduce the volume of data to about 30%.

A new compression algorithm (parameter / TPP) is currently being implemented in the next version, which reduces the volume of data to about 10%.