Update processes

If I use current version and then new version gets released, what is the process of update? Will this drop all the current connections during the update? Will all the old projects run in the new version?

Binaries of different versions cannot communicate. Therefore, system must be shut down, new version installed and system started. Configuration database is automatically upgraded in this process. Again, in a redundant system the downtime can be significantly decreased: half of the system is upgraded and system is started (in case of SCADA system, usually without communications). Then the communications in old system are stopped and in upgraded system they are started and system is online. There are some other aspects to handle (synchronization of archives so that there are no missing data), but it can be done. We have customers in energy/industry sectors that have a mission-critical SCADAs running on Ipesoft D2000 and we can perform upgrades with downtime under 1 minute.