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is in D2000 possibility to open document (pdf, doc, xls,…) directly in application without saving it before to disc and using native application? For example, if I don’t have microsoft office or similar ( openOffice,…) installed on system.

Thanks for answer


Dear Stoldo,
D2000 currently doesn’t offer built-in solution. Nevertheless, there are two practical possibilities:

  1. D2000 Human Interface is able to display any Java FX/Swing component on the scheme. Maybe you can find java FX/Swing component from 3rd party, that is able to display your document. Then, in the D2000 Graphic Editor, put Java Swing displayer onto scheme (using the little java swing icon in component toolbar). In scheme’s java code bind the displayer with your 3rd party component (using method .setJComponet(your_component) ) and you are done. Some of our applications use the jxcell component to display excel tables. Note this solution only works for fat clients (D2000 Human Interface, native windows application)

  2. Put HTML5 document that is able to display your office document onto scheme. We use pdf.js to display PDF documents. There is an example on - click the PDF tab. This solution works both for fat and thin clients.

Please let me know if you need any further information.