We cannot determine the source of unwanted communication on the line



For one customer on the BACnet link, we often receive the following message: “BACNET> Got request from <07> , station not found”.

The “from” address changes, of course, depending on the line.

Without knowing where the “reguest” comes from, however, we cannot get any further in solving the problem.

Would be possible the information about source address sent to trace?


the report contains an IPck and a port. Just decode this: <07> ,

the first 4 bytes are IP ie. and the port is the standard port of the BACnet protocol, BAC0 ie. 47 808

One more explanation - the message:

“BACNET> Got request from <07> , station not found”.

is generic, ie. for other media (MSTP or LONworks) there will be a different number of bytes with a different meaning, which is always bound to the line type. For UDP line there is IP + port.